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Installation of products described below is completed by Krats holdings Ltd.

RS2002 High Security Lock System

Suitable for:

  • Stark Model magazine Door
  • Freight containers
  • Vaults
  • Geological Equipment Storage Boxes
  • Warehouses
  • Cargo Trucks

Stark Model Magazine Door

Standard Sizes:
  • 3' X 6'6"
  • 5' X 6'6"
  • 6' X 6'6"
Custom Sizes also available.

Government Model Magazine Door

Standard Sizes:

  • 3' X 6'6"
  • 5' X 6'6"
  • 6' X 6'6"

Custom sizes available

Type 4 - Explosives Magazine

Standard sizes:

  • 8' X 8'
  • 8' X 12'
  • other standard sized available

Custom sizes also available

Custom Security Products (on request)


Mini Type 4 - Magazine

Type 6 - Day Box

Other Products Available


Lakeside Storage Units


The Stark Door and RS2002 Lock

  • Simple and effective in their design, they are constructed with strict quality control and minimal weqr for smooth long term operation.
  • Increased security and superior door operation.
  • Dual lock system with a primary and secondary lock (as per the province of Quebec regulations), you can engage just one lock for multiple daily visits.
  • Removable handle - for extended absences - quick connect - one handle can operate multiple doors.
  • Anti Jam linkage - designed for decades o0f service without jamming - no steel on steel parts to seize up by wear or rust.
  • Multi locking pins, minimum, of 4, as many as 10, can be positioned around the entire door.
  • Operator can't lock himself inside the magazine.
  • Much less "fitting" required for the door assembly. Doors designed to maintain uniformity in production with significantly less chance of misalignment.


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