Company Profile

Krats Holdings Ltd., located in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada was incorporated in 1989 under the name Krats Drilling & Blasting Ltd. It’s specialization: drilling and blasting in the logging and construction industries.

Reputed for it’s precision and professional work, the company was well established, completing projects such as: private hydro plant, blasting riprap, blasting slate alongside a main highway.

In the 1990’s, the company focus was redirected to advocating for tighter controls on the storage of industrial explosives.

Designed by Robert Stark , with over 40 years of field experience, the Stark Vault Door and High Security Lock was accepted as meeting or exceeding Natural Resources Canada, Explosives Regulatory Division, standards for storage of industrial explosives (both the pre-May 2001 standards and the current May 2001 standards). This unit is classified as a unique Type 12 design, and is known as the "Stark door", with the RS2002 model high security lock system.


For a few years, the door and high security lock were marketed under Remote Security Ltd (owned by Robert Stark). Numerous doors have been deployed and installed in various industries. The response has been positively incredible! The Stark Vault Door and RS2002 High Security Lock System is fast becoming the number 1 rated magazine door system in Canada.

In 2005, Krats Holdings Ltd. assumed all marketing and operations of Remote Security Ltd. and Remote Security’s doors were closed forever.

Krats’ short term objective is the marketing of the highly rated Stark Vault Door and High Security Lock system.

The long term goals are: ongoing blasting and security consulting, application of the high security lock technology to other markets such as sea containers. The future prospects are endless.

Robert Stark, CEO of Krats Holdings Ltd. is a member of the International Society of Explosives Engineers, Western Canada Chapter. In 2006, Bob Stark was awarded the Technology Provider of the year award by Northern BC Business and Technology.

To the best of our knowledge, the Stark door and RS2002 High Security Lock system is the only model, other than the Federal Government model, to be accepted under these stricter 2001 standards.